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Clint Hall

Clint Hall

Managing Partner

Clint helps Financial Professionals breakaway from the traditional agency environment and private label their practice so that they have the freedom to build a business that they own.

The game of Financial Planning has changed and Financial Professionals are struggling to elevate their practice within the limited hierarchy of an old-fashioned or broken agency system. Using innovative techniques, Concord Wealth Management helps Financial Professionals private label their practice by merging growth strategies with marketing fundamentals that deliver a leading client experience, and position them with a unique brand as an influencer in their target market.

Clint started his career with MONY Sports Marketing in New York, NY helping professional athletes protect their income. An advocate for teamwork, his career path led him to Wealth Continuum Group where he managed the Practice Development and Talent Acquisition initiatives. With more than 20 years of experience, Clint has dedicated his career to empowering Financial Professionals. His coordinated approach helps teams handle the complex needs of clients, and provide insight on financial strategies and insurance solutions.

Creator of The Private Label Experience, he is recognized as an industry thought leader with expertise in life insurance planning, strategic marketing, and team development. Clint earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delaware.