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Our Comprehensive 6-Step Process

1. Identify and prioritize objectives

2. Gather information

3Analyze your situation

4Propose solutions

5Plan implementation

6Review progress

Key financial planning areas:

Financial Position

  • Restructuring/Eliminating Debt
  • Building Cash Reserves
  • Managing/Maximizing Cash Flow

Protection Planning

  • Protecting against premature death
  • Protecting your ability to earn an income
  • Protecting your assets from long term care costs
  • Insuring the “key person” in your business
  • Providing Business Continuity 

Tax Planning

  • Maximizing the value of tax deferred
    accumulation by working together with your CPA
  • Creating a tax free stream of income
  • Leveraging the unique tax advantages of
    owning a business 
  • Creating a tax efficient investment portfolio

Investment Planning

  • College Funding
  • Accumulating towards a specific goal (vacation home, travel, etc.)
  • Minimizing portfolio risk
  • Increasing potential long term returns
  • Reducing portfolio volatility

Retirement Planning

  • Creating an income distribution plan
  • Protecting your retirement assets
  • Protecting the principal of your investments

Estate Planning

  • Reviewing wills/trusts, etc
  • Ensuring for the proper transfer of your assets to your heirs
  • Minimizing estate taxes