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Your Free Career Assessment

Evaluate + Educate = Elevate

We use a three-step process to help you evaluate your current situation, educate yourself on our proprietary platform, and make an informed decision to elevate your career.

✓ Personal
Brand Analysis

✓ Commission

✓ Career

We do our best work with Financial Advisors who are
Independent, Protection Based, and in Growth Mode


Advisors who serve clients first and require open architecture so they can offer best in class products or solutions

Protection Based

Advisors who understand the leverage of positioning life insurance as the center piece of their client's overall plan

Growth Mode

Advisors who are seeking guidance to level up their practice, eliminate low-payoff activities, and attract more clients

Your Free Career Assessment

A three step process to help you
elevate your Personal Brand and Increase Profits

Step #1

Schedule a Brief Intro Call

A quick 20-minute intro call will give us both a chance to make sure your current career situation matches our expertise.

Schedule a 20-Minute Call

Step #2

Evaluate Status Quo

The next step is a discovery meeting (in-person or virtually) to help evaluate your current situation. During this one hour meeting, we will get crystal clear on your career goals, challenges, opportunities, and concerns.

Step #3

Explore Opportunities

With your Career Assessment complete, we will have another meeting to review our findings, show you what's available to our platform, and determine your potential gap. We will give you real feedback and show you exactly what you can to do elevate your personal brand, eliminate low-payoff activities, attract clients, and increase profits.

Guaranteed Good News!

We are looking for long term relevant relationships. And at the end of this process, we will simply ask you to think about it.

The best part, we guarantee good news!


You will have clear understanding of your current situation compared to another platform and be better equipped to handle challenges and embrace the opportunities in front of you.


Continue the due diligence process and begin to seriously consider what a partnership with our FP Network will look like.