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Financial Education Seminars

Let Concord Wealth Management Bring Our Financial Education Seminars to You!

At Concord Wealth Management, we’ve identified an enormous need to increase public awareness around financial planning, and one of the methods we find most helpful is through our Financial Education Seminars. We work hand-in-hand with a lot of companies, a lot of non-profit groups, and a lot of civic groups bringing our financial education seminars on-site.

We find that many companies are frustrated by the fact that they invest significantly in their employees' benefits, and a lot of employees don’t understand those benefits because they’re complex. Employees don't always appreciate the value of what they have in place. So who better than an outside third party firm to come in? One that’s become an expert on your benefits program, and can also show clients the value of it and show your employees how to use those benefits to their advantage.

We also cover some things that might not be covered on an everyday basis such as: how to plan for retirement, or college funding planning, or insurance or protection planning issues, or tax savings ideas. These programs are very flexible in terms of how we design them and customize them around what you’re looking for, and they can range from fifteen minutes to two hours. Our goal is to have participants leave with some key next steps in what they can do to better their financial situation, and Concord Wealth Management is there to help them along the way.

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