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Concord Wealth Management’s Ben Nathan Receives Special Needs Estate Planning Training

Training allows for him to plan for unique needs of families with special needs

Concord Wealth Management’s Ben Nathan participated in “Advocating for a Bright Future” Special Needs Planning training, making him a Special Needs Planner able to address the unique concerns of families that have children with special needs and adults with disabilities.

Proper planning helps families prepare for the future well being of children with special needs by addressing both legal and financial concerns. Legal issues include naming a guardian and/or conservator, finalizing a will, and establishing a special needs trust to protect eligibility for government benefits. Financial considerations include issues such as adequately funding the trust and determining appropriate funding vehicles. Always work with your qualified attorney and tax professional experienced with special needs estate planning.

Another crucial portion of planning includes the process of writing a Letter of Intent, which speaks to parents’ wants and wishes for their child’s future, specifically addressing issues of medical care, housing, education, and much more. This letter provides comprehensive guidance for the child’s future and is typically the toughest but most important part of the planning process.

“Properly planning for your child’s future, in particular for after you are gone, is daunting to think about but essential to plan for,” said Concord Wealth Management Financial Professional Ben Nathan. “Working with an adviser who understands special needs estate planning allows parents to feel secure that their child will continue to receive a lifetime of care, as well as quality of life, after they are gone.”

If you'd like more information, please contact Ben Nathan.