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A Visit from Maury Stewart

| September 26, 2018
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A 60-year veteran of the life insurance industry, Maury Stewart recently visited CWM to speak about the key to all of his success.  What led this Iowa-born farmer to become a highly decorated life insurance salesman, complete with 12 President’s Awards, being twice named President of Penn Mutual’s General Agents Association, and having led the #1 office for ten years in a row?  The key, he insists, is passion.

The key to excellent leadership, Maury insists, is a passion both for the industry and with the individuals with whom you surround yourself.  When you care about both your employees and your clients, it becomes second-nature to go above and beyond to, as Maury puts it, "serve your fellow person" and work to impact others' lives in a positive manner.  A passion for your work is just as important. Having experienced first-hand the devastation that can result from a lack of life insurance and financial planning, Maury became inspired to provide these important services to others.

Overall, Maury suggests that the keys to success in this competitive industry are to set high goals for yourself and to always prioritize the needs of others.  While he emphasizes that money does not equate to happiness, it is necessary to set financial goals for your career in the long-term.  Lastly, it is important to remember the motives behind getting involved in this industry in the first place-- to help others.  By keeping these pieces of advice in mind, you can provide better financial security to both yourself and your family and to your clients. 

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